Violin Group lessons build listening skill and teach teamwork.
St. Peter's Arts Academy Ballet School
Ballet School The ballet school wide variety of dance instruction from classic ballet to modern.
St. Peter's Choir Rehearsal
Choir Rehearsal Choir rehearsal brings voices together from the four county area.
St. Peter's Piano Studio Lesson
Piano Lesson Professional instruction inspires students to do their very best.

Building Community Spirit & Arts

St. Peter’s has invested heavily in the children and families in its neighborhood and Greater Geneva. Service to others has provided the foundation for the growth and outreach.

St. Peter’s and the Community Arts Academy are at a pivotal point. The St. Peter’s Community Arts Academy, established in 2005, annually serves 250 students from 16 school districts in five counties. And, St. Peter’s buildings serve as a regular meeting place for local neighborhood groups and organizations. Life at St. Peter’s has grown with increasingly robust membership and parish activities.

Now it’s time to invest in our future so that we can continue doing good and serving the community. Our Community Spirit and Arts Capital Campaign will raise $3 million over three to five years to update Parish buildings to support its growing missions, including the St. Peter’s Community Arts Academy, and large numbers of visitors.

The St. Peter’s Community Arts Academy was established with the belief that the arts are central to personal growth; are an integral part of education; and provide a means of strengthening and building the community. The Academy reflects its mission of advancing “Arts for All!” by focusing both on the development of Geneva as a vibrant arts community and on the development of young people in terms of their ability to practice, rehearse and perform.

Campaign Progress

Raised: $1,875,824 Goal: $3,000,000
  • campaign-proposed-addition-renovated-campus-property-front-view

    Front view of proposed addition and renovated campus property

  • campaign-proposed-addition-renovated-campus-property-rear-view

    Rear view of proposed addition

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